Delhi Liquor Scam: Controversy Surrounds AAP Government’s Excise Policy`

Delhi Liquor scam is an unfolding scandal which exposed the corruption, misuse of power and financial irregularities. The Liquor policy came into action to reform the liquor sales and gave the rights to sell the alcohol solely to private shops. It even permitted home delivery of alcohol until 3am with discounts offers.

Despite a reported 27% increase in income from the policy, generating around ₹8,900 crore, the controversy led to its eventual withdrawal. However, this reform mired into controversy when Economic Offences Wing (EOW) regarding the policy. Even, Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor, VK Saxena, expressed reservations, questioning the impact of the reforms. A report was issued accusing the Manish Sisodia, the former deputy chief minister, of bending rules and favouring licensees.

When the investigating took action CBI initiated a probe. Manish Sisodia was arrested in connection with the case and when investigation extended Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal found himself included in the Liquor Scam. On March 21, Arvind Kejriwal was arrested in liquor case and was taken in for interrogation. During his arrest he even made a statement against Modi government saying it is an opposition trick to win the elections. Whereas, during the interrogation ED accused Arvind Kejriwal of being non-cooperative.

For now, court has decided to send the Kejriwal to judicial custody until April 15. Even though there are no proofs against him, his leadership and AAP party is in dilemma. The future still holds many things, the decision is yet to be made.

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