An Instagram reel turned into an awareness

Social media hold so much power that a million-dollar and old industry was questioned just because a reel was posted. Bourn Vita claimed to be an energy drink with a tagline “Tyari jeet ge”. But, forgot to reduce the content of sugar in their powdered drink. Last year, a concerned young boy took to social media. His video highlighted a critical issue—the alarming sugar content in Bourn Vita. What seemed like harmless indulgence turned out to be a health hazard. Bourn Vita, in its pursuit of energy, had neglected to reduce the sugar levels in its formula.

The revelation rippled across platforms. Consumers, once loyal to their favourite energy drink, now questioned its integrity. The industry faced scrutiny, and Bourn Vita’s reputation hung in the balance. Was it truly an ally in the quest for victory, or had it unwittingly become a sugar-laden adversary?

Raising a concern for parents about the increasing health issues in children. After the viral reel, Bourn Vita has to reduce the sugar content to as great extent but, things didn’t get settled here. The things got fired up and landed in the courtroom.

On March 19, 2024, the National Commission for protection of Child Rights showed concern regarding the media reports about health powder drinks claiming as energy drinks. They claimed to be an energy drinks but, on analysis were found to have high sugar and other harmful content including Bourn Vita.

Later, April 2, 2024; The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) directed all e-commerce food business operators (FBO’s) to ensure appropriate categorization. Many proprietary foods were listed under Health or Energy drinks. Whereas, there is no definition of “health drinks” under FSS Act 2006.

However, the Commerce and Industry Ministry instructed them reclassify drinks and beverages including Bourn Vita. The reclassification was based on the NCPCR clear definition of health drinks under the FSS Act.

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